University Course

Exploring the Human Dynamics of Hearing Loss

The Ida Institute, in partnership with Deborah von Hapsburg, Ph.D., has developed a new University Course on the human dynamics of hearing loss. The overarching goal is to have a sustained, substantial, and positive influence on the way students and professionals think, act, and feel about person-centered care in the hearing healthcare field. The course focuses on putting the client perspective front and center, and provides lesson plans, videos, handouts, and an instructor’s guide to help educators introduce the principles of person-centered care into their current curricula.

Collaboration has been central to designing the University Course. Dr. von Hapsburg and the Ida Institute worked with 18 professors, students, and clinicians from around the world to give the course a dynamic and multi-faceted perspective. Christopher Lind, Barbara Weinstein, and Deborah Ferrari all contributed to the scope of the course. The overall design and content of the course emphasizes interaction and collaboration. The lesson plans and course activities include aspects of collaboration, idea sharing, and reflection. Throughout the course, role-playing and class discussions are used to review and provide context for the material.

The redesigned and expanded course includes all new chapters on health literacy and the Living Well, Group Aural Rehabilitation, Change Guide, and Time and Talk tools. The course also extends person-centered care to families and children, including the parent perspective, the needs of young children, and the needs of teens and tweens.

The goal is to provide students and professionals with tools that will encourage reflective practice, development of new abilities and attitudes toward clinical practice, and new habits of practice that are adopted fully in the hearts and minds of the students.

Download Course Materials

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