My Turn to Talk for Parents

My Turn to Talk gives parents of children with hearing loss a voice in their child's appointment to ensure their questions and concerns are addressed.

What are the benefits?

  • Give parents of children with hearing loss a voice in the appointment
  • Help parents identify and address the issues and concerns that are important to them
  • Enable parents to keep track of their child’s hearing journey
  • Provide personalized care that meets the needs of individual families

Why this tool?

A diagnosis of hearing loss or deafness in a child can be highly stressful for the entire family. Hearing care professionals have a lot of overwhelming information to convey to parents. Parents might have trouble taking in all of the details related to the technical explanations of the diagnosis and proposed treatment at once. They also need an opportunity to process what they've learned and ask the right questions about their child's diagnosis.

My Turn to Talk helps parents prepare for the appointment by giving them a way to identify and articulate their needs and concerns and identify the people their child communicates with most often. This can help hearing care professionals provide relevant information and ensure that families receive care adapted to their needs. This can include helping parents make informed choices about which technology to choose for their children or matters related to the day-to-day management of hearing loss.

Helping families prepare for appointments

My Turn to Talk is an online tool which families can fill out ahead of their appointments. This allows them to think through their needs and questions from the comfort of their home. They can print out or email their results prior to the appointment.

My Turn to Talk is part of our Telecare suite of tools, designed to help hearing care professionals extend their care and help people with hearing loss prepare for their appointments.

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