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When to introduce My World

My World can be introduced at any point during your appointment with the child. Before introducing the tool, you may want to consider how conversations progress and what information you need to gather from the child. You may have an intuition that there is more to be said or learned, but that the shyness or reticence of the child or family member prevents the conversation from progressing. This would be a good time to introduce the tool.

A session with the tool can also help educate the parents about their child’s life with hearing loss. This would be a good opportunity to introduce the tool and explore the child’s perspective.
Watch audiologist Eileen Rall use the tool with Emily. Emily is 7 years old, has Treacher Collins Syndrome and a bilateral conductive hearing loss. Eileen has used the tool twice with her to learn more about Emily's communication at home and at school.

How to introduce My World

Tailor your introduction of the tool to the developmental stage of the child. Explain to the child and observers, such as a teacher or parent, that you would like to learn more about their everyday life: School, home, playing outside, etc.

For a younger child, tell them that you would like to “play pretend.” Say, “Let’s make this your classroom, house or schoolyard,” or “Can you tell me about what happens when you get home from school?”

 To a more mature child, you may say, “Can you show me a daily routine or place where it is easy or difficult to communicate and hear what is going on?”

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Consultation session

Using the tool during the consultation sessions

Responding to the child's story

Responding to the child's story

Recording information

Methods to preserve and record information