Group Aural Rehabilitation session plans

The Ida Institute offers a variety of agendas to help you facilitate Group AR sessions. Our session plans include different activities to encourage discussion, help your clients problem solve together, and tip and tricks for them to try out at home. You can complete all of the sessions in order or choose the topics that are most relevant to your clients.

Session one

Encourage participants to share their experiences with hearing loss and identify communication challenges

Session two

Familiarize group participants with communication strategies to try at home

Session three

Introduce and practice anticipatory communication strategies

Session four

Introduce group participants to clear speech and lipreading

Session five

Discuss emotions brought out by hearing loss, experiences of stigma, and stress reduction techniques

Session six

Review hearing assistive technology (HAT) beyond hearing aids and cochlear implants

Session seven

Discuss the importance of self advocacy, tips for traveling, and preparing for emergencies