My World

My World helps children express their experiences with hearing loss. It can help you uncover information about the child’s communication patterns, reinforce positive behavior, and develop strategies for daily challenges.

What are the benefits?

  • Hear the voice of the child
  • Provide better quality service and care
  • Ease the child’s anxiety
  • More efficient appointments
  • Easy to introduce and use
  • Evidence-based methodology


Why this tool?

My World is a pediatric counseling tool designed to help children talk about their hearing loss. It allows children to show you how they go through their day, and where they have their greatest successes and difficulties. With this information, it is easy to recommend communication strategies, set goals for children to cope with their hearing loss, and recommend appropriate hearing equipment.
Talking to a stranger about their hearing loss can make some children nervous. Using My World helps children to openly express their feelings and try out new strategies in a safe environment. Easing their anxiety leads to a more efficient and pleasant appointment. My World is easy to use and to introduce. It is rooted in the evidence-based methodologies of play therapy and narrative counseling.
Watch audiologist Richard use the My World tool with Amber. Amber recently attended a full hearing aid review appointment and underwent full audiometric testing, hearing aid fine tuning, and aided assessment. 

Play therapy

A game of make believe isn’t always just about fun. When children play pretend, they convey situations not only as they remember them, but how they would like to see them. Research has shown that play therapy, such as board games like My World, can ease anxiety in children and improve their sense of self, adaptive functioning, and family functioning.

The need and uses of My World specifically was the subject of a Masters thesis by Jessica Round at the University of Western Australia. She found that "there is a need for the ‘My World’ tool from both professional and hearing-impaired perspectives and that defined uses can and need to be formally established for each professional."

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