Motivation Tools

The Motivation Tools help you open communication with your clients and achieve a better understanding of their thoughts and needs. Save time in the appointment by using these simple, evidence-based tools to assess your clients’ motivation and provide more effective support.

What are the benefits

  • Encourage clients to take action on their hearing loss
  • Personalize and structure communication with clients
  • Save time by getting to the heart of the matter faster


Perspectives and insights

Read our feature about motivational interviewing, why it works, and how the Motivation Tools can help you apply it in an appointment

Learn more about the Transtheoretical Model that inspired the Motivation Tools and other research in behavior change theory


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The Line

Assess your client’s desire to improve their hearing and their confidence in being able to adhere to their treatment

The Box

Help your client evaluate the pros and cons of taking action on their hearing loss versus doing nothing

The Circle

Understand where your client is on their hearing journey and how to best help them progress

Why Improve My Hearing?

Send this online tool to your clients to help them prepare for their first appointment by thinking about their motivation and reasons for taking action

Additional resources

Watch videos from clinics that have implemented the tools and hear what their staff and managers have to say

Browse our selection of research articles on motivational interviewing and behavior change theory

Read research on the Motivation Tools

The Veterans Affairs Audiology Clinic in Tampa, Florida, integrated the Line and the Box into their case history form. Download this case history form to see how you can incorporate the Motivation Tools into your clinic's forms and processes

Download the World Health Organization Textbook on the background principles underpinning the Ida Motivation Tools and how they can be applied in different health settings