Ida Telecare

Send this suite of tools to the person with hearing loss to help them prepare for appointments and learn to live well with their hearing loss.

Ida Telecare is an engaging, online platform that offers persons with hearing loss easy-to-use tools and resources to help them prepare for appointments and successfully manage daily communication and important decisions related to hearing. 

With Ida Telecare you will:

  • Extend your services beyond appointments in the clinic
  • Focus conversations and save time in the appointment
  • Get more motivated and satisfied clients
  • Develop a long-term, trusting relationship with your clients
  • Empower your clients to self-manage their hearing loss through online resources

Why these tools?

Persons with hearing loss who are aware of communication needs and concerns before coming to their first or follow-up appointments are more motivated to take action on their hearing. They will also be better equipped to make decisions that are right for them and guide you on the support they need from you throughout their hearing journey. This will make them feel more involved and empowered to take action and more satisfied with your care.

For hearing care professionals, Ida Telecare offers a way to extend your services beyond the appointments in the clinic and focus on the long-term relationship with your client. By encouraging persons with hearing loss to think about their needs and concerns before they come to see you, you can save important time in the appointment and have a much more productive and focused conversation. The resources in Ida Telecare on how to manage everyday life with hearing loss after the person gets hearing aids will also be a valued resource for your clients.

Ida Telecare contents

Ida Telecare contains easy-to-use resources for the three main phases in your client’s journey:

  • Preparation for first appointment
  • Preparation for follow-up appointments
  • Everyday life with hearing loss

Within each phase, there are online tools that persons with hearing loss can use to prepare for appointments or use as they learn to live well with their hearing loss.

How to Use Ida Telecare

  • Copy the link to the tool or phase you want your client to use and send it to them in an email
  • Tell your clients to email or print out their online notes to bring to their next appointment
  • The link could be combined with the confirmation of their next appointment or used as a follow-up

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