Plan your day

Sometimes communication just happens. You may bump into a friend in a shop, or your neighbor starts a conversation in the garden. These situations can be hard to predict and control. Other situations can be planned. Think about where you are going and what that environment is like. Will there be a lot of background noise? Is there one person in particular you would like to talk to? Building a habit of planning ahead will help you make the most of those occasions, and help you adapt in unplanned situations.

For example, you can:

  • Go to the place ahead of time so you know the environment
  • Ask others who have been there before for advice
  • Make a reservation at a restaurant and ask for a table in the quietest part of the room
  • Think about where at the table you want to sit to hear best

Nicky has had hearing loss since birth but copes very well socially. In this video, she shares what she does to make sure she can hear well when she and her husband go out to restaurants.

John, a lawyer with cochlear implants, plans his day so that he can be sure to understand what his clients are saying. Here he talks about how he plans for meetings in restaurants.