Role-play session 1

Duration: 75 minutes

Doing it the wrong way

Participants share examples of difficult clinical situations that they have experienced and how they could have been done differently.

They choose one clinical scenario for role-play and two participants volunteer to play the clinician and the client. The clinician is encouraged to overplay the wrong way of doing it and can stop any time and ask for help from the group.


At the end of the role-play, participants playing the clinician and the client say how they felt during the exchange and the group analyzes what was observed with regard to verbal and non-verbal communication.

Doing it the right way

In the second round, participants role-play the same or a different scenario, this time doing it the right way.


The group reflects on the skills they applied during the role-play. For this exercise they can use the Competency Skills List as a starting point. They may also discuss the skills they used when observing the role-play before the break, including tone of voice, and body language.


To illustrate the basics of communication and recognizing skills and challenges.