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It's not the questions we fear - it's the answers

By Clint McLean
Questions that can’t be answered with a “yes” or “no” and require elaboration are considered open-ended. Starting questions with “Why” or “How” often…

Quick Tips: 3 mindsets

Samantha Tai has a PhD in person-centered communication. These are the three things she says are game changers for the clinician/client relationship.

Person-centered aspirations

Whew, we made it! A new year has sprung. Are you feeling energized? Motivated? Invincible? Great. Let’s harness those feelings and focus them on your…

Ida joins the Demant group

The Ida Institute has joined Demant, the global, Denmark-based hearing healthcare group. 
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How to deliver bad news

By Clint McLean
Breaking bad news is never easy. But the SPIKES protocol helps by providing guidance and structure to the discussion. SPIKES is a six-step process…

What makes a good audiologist great?

By Clint McLean
Michael and Emma return with more sound advice from the perspectives of people with hearing loss — one of whom is also an audiologist. In this…

New guide demystifies hearing aid features

By Clint McLean
When you work with hearing aids every day, it is easy to forget that, to our clients, some features can sound like they were pulled from the pages of…
A patient and audiologist in conversation

How to incorporate well-being into your clinic and life

By Clint McLean
Well-being seems to be on everyone’s lips these days – and for good reason. It's linked with all kinds of good things, including reduced risk of…

Siblings with hearing loss share their journey

By Clint McLean
Michael and Emma are siblings with hearing loss. He’s an audiologist, she’s a student. Here they talk about coming to terms with their hearing losses,…
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New poll identifies overlooked opportunity to improve appointments

By Clint McLean
In a challenging field like hearing care, every opportunity to achieve better outcomes counts. Well, according to a recent Ida Institute poll of 116…

Self-education: The golden hack for people with hearing loss

By Gael Hannan
Gael Hannan reflects on the importance of continuous learning in her hearing loss journey.

The Ida Institute scales down as funding ends

The Ida Institute has sadly been unable to secure future funding and we are therefore significantly scaling back activities.

Top tinnitus resources you might have missed

By Judith Vonberg
We asked people with tinnitus and clinical experts about the tools, apps, websites, and forums that they find helpful. Here's what they came up with.

Respond to your clients better with these three steps

By Judith Vonberg
It's easy to fall into the content trap - offering facts and information when your client needs empathy. Find out how to avoid it.

Create your Wellness Wheel for 2023

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
We’re kicking off 2023 by sharing a practical tool that prompts introspection and allows you to reassess various aspects of your life. The Wellness…

Serving the underserved

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
At Rush University, a student community outreach program is helping the underserved through a faculty-led, pro-bono clinic. We spoke with Assistant…

Student perspectives on PCC

By Romanda Hombir

In late 2022, the first student-led conference on person-centred care (PCC) in audiology gathered hundreds of students from various universities…

A global vision for person-centered hearing care

Members of the Person-Centered Hearing Network (PCHN) share their learnings and initiatives to enable delivery of great hearing care in the form of…

Beyond the comfort of conformity

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
This summer, John Greer Clark, celebrated author, professor, and thought leader in audiology, published the book, Hearing to the Max. We spoke with…

My best advice: when communication gets tough, just breathe

By Shari Eberts
Sometimes, just being part of a conversation can be trying and stressful for people with hearing loss. This is Shari Eberts' best advice to combat…