Person-centered care learning objectives

The Ida Institute offers learning objectives, resources, and behavioral assessments on a variety of topics. The learning objectives were developed with input from our university partners. While parts of different topics may be useful or inspiring when teaching different areas, each topic is complete and independent of the others. The topics are are not arranged in a particular order, and it is only necessary to download the material that is relevant to the focus of your course.

Affective learning objectives

The objectives by Meibos et al. address the student’s emotional response concerning their attitudes, values, and appreciation for motivation in learning

Adult aural rehabilitation

Explain the key elements of aural rehabilitation and show videos of people with hearing loss in group aural rehabilitation settings

Adult diagnostic audiological assessment

Introduce students to a person-centered approach to diagnostic testing, including building rapport and shared decision-making

Adult amplification

Review a person-centered approach to choosing and fitting amplification, including the importance of client motivation


Give students a foundational understanding of how to effectively counsel their clients and enhance their appointments

Implantable technologies

Help students understand how to take a person-centered approach when treating adult and pediatric patients receiving implantable technologies

Pediatric audiological assessment

Teach students to conduct pediatric audiological assessments that involve both the child’s and their family’s perspectives

Pediatric aural rehabilitation

Describe why counseling skills, knowledge and attitudes are necessary within educational audiology


Help your students grasp a foundational understanding of the impacts of tinnitus and how to help their clients manage it

Vestibular management

Help your students understand how to diagnose and treat vestibular conditions in a person-centered manner