Living Well with Hearing Loss

What are the benefits?

  • Focus treatment plan for improved outcomes
  • Easily recommend appropriate hearing equipment and communication strategies
  • Jog the client’s memory to keep the conversation relevant
  • Personalize treatment and connect with the person with hearing loss through the flexible design
  • Role play to teach students and professionals
  • ICF/WHO background

Why this tool?

Living Well enables people with hearing loss to identify the communication situations in their daily lives that are most important to them. By learning where your client’s priorities lie, you can keep the conversation relevant and focus your treatment plan for improved outcomes. This makes it easy for you to recommend communication strategies and appropriate hearing equipment.

Living Well’s flexible design makes it possible for you to personalize your care. Using the tool’s pictures of everyday communication situations can help jog the client’s memory. Together, you can set goals to improve communication and formulate a plan for achieving those goals.

Living Well is also useful as a teaching tool. By role playing scenarios, students and professionals can practice person-centered counseling skills. The tool is based on the principles of WHO’s International Classification of Functioning and Disability.

Learn how John lives with and manages his hearing loss and hear the perspective of his wife Dana.

The video was produced in conjunction with Ida's seminar series on Living Well with Hearing Loss.


Physical copies of the Living Well tool are available for 200 DKK, plus shipping (shipping to the USA is typically 300 DKK). Payments are accepted through PayPal. If you are interested in purchasing the Living Well tool, please send us an email at, complete with your mailing address.

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