Module 5: Tele-Audiology

This module explores how to extend person-centered care when delivering services via tele-audiology. The first three sections provide an overview, investigating what tele-audiology is and why it is needed in modern hearing care. The module reviews the many different formats of tele-audiology, as well as the mandate for including tele-audiology in hearing healthcare.

The fourth section looks at how tele-audiology can be applied at different states of behavior change on the hearing journey. The Circle provides a framework for considering how tele-audiology might be helpful to clients at different stages of readiness for action. This section also looks at practical examples of existing tools and resources that could extend person-centered care through tele-audiology, as well as the client and provider factors, government, licensing, and IT issues that must be managed in order to execute a meaningful tele-audiology service.

Section five provides a practical examination of the necessary changes needed to deliver tele-audiology in clinical practice. Using the principles of appreciative inquiry and the Change Guide, students can make tangible plans towards implementing tele-audiology in their own contexts.

Finally, there is an in depth look at the Ida Telecare tools, how they can be applied to prepare clients for their appointments, and how they can further support their everyday life with hearing loss.

Module 5

Tele-Audiology and Person-Centered Care

What is Tele-Audiology?

Why Do We Need Tele-Audiology?

The Patient Journey and Tele-Audiology

Tele-Audiology: A Recipe for Success

Make It Happen

Ida Telecare: Engaging Clients Before and After Appointments for Improved Outcomes