Time and Talk

Why this tool?

During an appointment, it can be a challenge to get information, complete clinical tasks, and move on to negotiating outcomes while at the same time developing a relationship with the client. However, to get the best treatment results, clients need time to express their needs and concerns and feel that they have been listened to and understood by the clinician.

Time and Talk

Time and Talk is a method for teaching communication skills to practicing and student audiologists, but is equally valuable as a means for professionals to reflect on their own practice. The method uses scenarios and role-plays of clinical situations to teach how to seamlessly integrate process skills (how you conduct the client interview) with practical clinical skills (what you actually do) in the audiological appointment.

Use time wisely in the appointment

Participants can use the method to improve their ability to complete clinical tasks while applying core principles of person-centered care such as:

  • actively listening to clients
  • paying attention to clients' needs
  • involving clients in decisions about their treatment

Teach clinical and communication skills together

Many audiology students are taught clinical and communication skills separately. Rarely is a connection made between the two.

This is one reason why Time and Talk is such a valuable teaching method: It provides a clinical structure to bring these skills together in a consultation. The students learn communication skills for the client interview as they complete tasks and fulfill requirements during a mock consultation session.

Process overview

Time and Talk provides an appointment structure that allows hearing care professionals to complete their clinical tasks while building a relationship with the patient at every step of the appointment.