The world of a child aged 6-9

Going to school, getting on with teachers and making friends is an important part of life. Reading, writing and maths are new skills to learn. Making friends with children who have similar interests will help your child feel part of a group. Trying new tasks at school and taking part in activities helps them feel “Yes, I can do this!

Your child may experience feelings of sadness about their hearing loss. Find someone easy for them to talk to about this. This could be you, a teacher or your child’s audiologist. Sometimes it may not be easy to hear in class because of the noise. Ask your child’s support teacher about ways your child can let others know that they have missed something or how to make sure they have the right technology.  

Did you notice?

The environment is:

  • Impulsive
  • Busy
  • Noisy
  • Active

Socially, children need to:

  • Hear and understand the rules of play activities and adjust if they change
  • Take cues from peers
  • Wait for their turn
  • Collaborate with others
  • Converse in small and large groups
  • Choose between activities
  • Manage change between activities

Children need to be able to:

  • Concentrate in noise
  • Communicate with teachers and peers in learning situations
  • Indicate if their technology is not working
  • Inform if they cannot hear
  • Be able to choose and make decisions

What may be challenging for my child?