Using A Patient Journey

Students and educators

Use A Patient Journey to give students a deeper understanding of what people with hearing loss go through, their current stage in the rehabilitation journey, and the importance of the previous and next stages.

A Patient Journey provides insight into the characteristics and traits of each stage, so students can be better prepared to work with future clients.

Students can use the tool to create fictional journeys based on their initial experiences with clients and what they’ve learned in their studies. They can then discuss each milestone and event on the journey map with their peers and their professors to develop strategies and solutions for the challenges in each stage.


A Patient Journey helps professionals understand the stages of a rehabilitation journey and provides insight into the entire client experience, making it a valuable point of reference for appointments.

Understanding the patient journey allows clinicians to shift the taking of a traditional case history to a more textured and rich sharing of experiences that engages both the clinician and the client and allows the clinician to provide the most appropriate solutions and support to their clients.  

Using A Patient Journey with the Ida Motivation Tools

The tool can be used with the Motivation Tools — the Line, Box and Circle — to start a conversation with clients to assess where they are on their journey. By using motivational interviewing, clinicians can draw out the client’s stories, learn what is most important to them, and identify key milestones. 

The Circle draws directly on the stages used in A Patient Journey. It adds advice for how to support your client and encourage behavior change so they can proceed along their rehabilitation journey.