What we do

At Ida, we believe that understanding the whole person is key to successful hearing rehabilitation. We develop tools and resources that help current and future hearing care professionals deliver care based on the needs and life situations of their clients.

Person-centered care (PCC) puts the person with hearing loss at the center. This approach respects the person's individual preferences and values, prioritizes shared decision-making and goal setting, and invites friends or family into the process.

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Our work is characterized by collaboration and innovation. Through human-centered design, ethnography, and a range of innovation methods, we work with our international network to create real-world solutions that meet real-world needs.

What we offer

Our free counseling tools for hearing care professionals cover client motivation, pediatrics, tinnitus, remote care, and much more. We also have professional development and educational resources, including an online Learning Hall with free, accredited courses.

We visit clinics and the homes of people with hearing loss to identify needs. The resulting short documentaries provide unique insights into audiological practice and the everyday lives of people with hearing loss.