The Ida Institute

The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organization working to integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation. We aim to enable people with hearing loss to take an active role in their care by expressing their needs and preferences.

Together with hearing care professionals around the world, we develop free tools and resources to strengthen the counseling process. Our website is a collaborative space where we invite you to share knowledge, information and resources.

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of collaboration with hearing care professionals around the world to advance person-centered care. The materials on this website are a direct result of this collaborative effort. 

Latest news

Ida Partners with Action on Hearing Loss to Strengthen Patient Perspective

THU JAN 18, 2018

The Ida Institute and Action on Hearing Loss have formed a partnership to expand opportunities for people with hearing loss to participate directly in the innovation of audiological counseling tools and resources.

New Community Moderators in the Ida Learning Hall

THU JAN 11, 2018

The moderators are renowned audiology experts whose input and expertise will spark discussion and facilitate knowledge sharing within our online communities in the Learning Hall.

New Study on the Advantages of Telecare for Teens and Tweens

THU JAN 4, 2018

The Ear Foundation conducted a study using Ida Telecare for Teens and Tweens at the annual Ear Foundation & Euro-CIU 2017 European Friendship Week.


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Myth Busters

We talked to clinicians about how person-centered care improves their practice, and tackled some misconceptions about PCC in the process.

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Ida Learning Hall

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Celebrating Hearing
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Vision 2020

The Big Messages on Sound and Hearing

We've been collecting videos about why sound and hearing are important. Click here to watch and share the Big Messages.



Extend your care beyond the appointment with these interactive tools.

Vision 2020

Background Information

Read the output from our Vision 2020 process and prepare yourself for the future of audiology!


Motivation Tools

Motivational Engagement

Assess client motivation and encourage people with hearing loss to take action.

Communication Partners

Work with clients to identify the most important people in their social network and to develop a shared strategy for communication.

Living Well

Living Well with Hearing Loss

Bring the client's daily life and specific needs into the appointment as you identify communication situations that are relevant and important to them.