Tinnitus Management

What are the benefits?

  • Explore what tinnitus means to your patients and how it impacts their lives
  • Convey hope and build resilience in patients
  • Provide relevant counseling and coping strategies

Perspectives and Insights

Watch videos featuring tinnitus patients discussing their treatment and sharing some challenges and triumphs from their journey with tinnitus. 

Cleveland Clinic’s Director of Audiology Clinical Services discusses difficulties of tinnitus treatment, offers tips and suggestions, and why the Tinnitus Thermometer tool she helped develop is a valuable resource.

Send this kit of useful advice and information to newly diagnosed patients.

Find out how patients are experiencing tinnitus at a given moment. 

Understand your clients’ relationship with tinnitus, express greater empathy, and give hope.

Additional resources

Watch audiologist Regitze Willemoës as she uses the Tinnitus Thermometer to understand how her client is experiencing tinnitus. Then watch as she uses the Communication Guide to understand how tinnitus affects her client’s life.