Mindset Change

Mindset Change helps you and your team develop a shared understanding of what person-centered care (PCC) means to you and why it matters.

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Everything you need to run Mindset Change, from what supplies to bring, to what to say.

Watch the four steps of Mindset Change

Step 1: Share your goal and the ground rules

Explain what you hope to achieve and introduce participants to the rules that will guide your Mindset Change process. This will help ensure that everyone feels comfortable to contribute and that all ideas are treated respectfully.

Step 2: Describe person-centered care

Team members use sticky notes to describe what they think person-centered care is. By hearing and respecting the different perspectives and values expressed about PCC, you are moving towards a shared understanding of the topic.

Step 3: Create a mind map and discuss

Create a mind map by grouping the sticky notes together by topic. Discuss the mind map and what your clinic would be like if you could be more person-centered more of the time. This bottom-up approach increases people’s personal buy-in to the process and its outcome.

Step 4: Reflect

As a group, reflect on what has been discussed. Has anything changed in your team? This allows you to get a sense of whether your team is now ready to take action to implement PCC in the clinic.

Additional resources

Ready to take action?

After you’ve built a shared understanding of person-centered care using Mindset Change, continue to Practice Change to create a plan to implement PCC in your workplace as a team. 

Appreciative approach

Get the most out of your Change Guide process by taking an appreciative approach throughout the process.

Mind map

See an example of what your team’s mind map about person-centered care might look like.