Change Guide

What are the benefits?

  • Get people on board in only three hours
  • Turn around resistance
  • Gain consensus behind your new initiative
  • Move forward with a simple action plan
  • Successfully adopt new methods in your practice

Why this tool?

Person-centered care has shown to improve both client and clinician satisfaction. Ida tools help you work in person-centered ways. But adopting new methods can be challenging because it forces us to rethink our professional roles and relationships. The Change Guide is a step-by-step process that helps you get your team on board with new initiatives and agree on a simple action plan.

If you are already successfully using the Ida tools in your practice, you can also use the Change Guide to introduce other new practices in your clinic.

A new approach

Sarah Lewis describes what it means to take an appreciative approach to change and why focusing on the positives and moving the team forward through conversation can help you be successful.

The Change Guide is based on an appreciative approach to change, which has its roots in the Appreciative Inquiry methodology. This means that the guide helps you reflect on what works well now and how you can do more of that in the future, rather than focusing on problems to change.

This is different from traditional approaches to change and helps create ownership of the process and ensures more long term results.

Learn more about the appreciative approach in the Resource Library.

Hear what this Change Guide participant valued in the process.

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