We can learn a lot by listening to the experience of others who have been in the same situation as we are in. In the videos below, young adults with hearing loss share their personal stories of what it was like to grow up with a hearing loss and which particular challenges they faced as they prepared to move away from home and begin further education or work life.
Lauren is an audiologist. In this video, she describes her transition from high school to college. Lauren was unaware that she could ask for resources to help her study and so went through her undergraduate studies without a FM system or a note taker. Today, she wishes she had known better.
Lauren is an audiologist. In this video, she describes her years at college and shares how important it is to tell others about your hearing loss, also when dating or going to a job interview.
Nicky is a make-up artist. In this video, she shares how she plugged up the courage to let others know that she has a hearing loss and how that has helped her gain more self-confidence.
Sarah has had a hearing loss since birth. In this video, she describes the different experiences you can have when you speak up for yourself and when you don’t.
Simone is a professional ballet dancer who has cochlear implants. In this video, Simone speaks about the importance of standing up for your rights and being a driver for change in the environments you are in.
Molly recently finished her Master's Degree in sociology. In this video, she talks about what support she needed to help her follow classroom discussions.
Caroline has two cochlear implants and is currently in teacher’s college. In this video, she shares the lessons she learned when moving from high-school to college and her struggles to get the support she needed. Luckily, she had the courage to speak up for herself. 
Kathleen reflects on a period of depression she went through in her early 20s after she came to the realization that she had missed out on certain social milestones.

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