Meet our collaborators

We would like to thank the people and organizations below for their valuable insights, support, and feedback during the development of this resource.

People with hearing loss

Tim Browning

Burbank, California, USA

Shari Eberts

Founder, Living With Hearing Loss

New York City, USA

Christine Ann Hunter

Sydney, Australia

Linda Parton

Staffordshire Moorlands, UK

Dana Sunderland

Southern California, USA

Stephanus Petrus du Toit

Adult Basic Education Practitioner

Cape Town, South Africa

Hearing care professionals

Darcy Benson, Au.D.

Founder, California Hearing Center

San Mateo, California, USA

Sophie Brice, Ph.D.

Teleaudiology consultant, Blamey Saunders Hears

Melbourne, Australia

Priya Carling, Au.D.

Kent Hearing

Kent, UK

Bridgitte Harley, B.Spr. & Au.D.

The Hearing Clinic

Hertfordshire, UK

Silva Kuschke, Ph.D.

Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Cape Town, South Africa


American Speech-Language Hearing Association
British Academy of Audiology
British Society of Audiology
Canadian Academy of Audiology
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
Hearing Loss Association of America
Hearing Matters Australia
Mayo Clinic Connect
Royal National Institute for Deaf People