My Hearing Explained

The audiogram is a valuable tool for hearing care professionals, but research shows that it can be difficult for clients and their communication partners to understand. My Hearing Explained is a conversation guide for relaying hearing test results in person-centered terms.

What are the benefits?

  • Relate hearing test results in easy-to-understand language 
  • Help people explain their hearing loss to others
  • Save time in the appointment by focusing on what matters to your client
  • Guide your client through personalized recommendations based on their needs


Perspectives and insights

Read more about the benefits for you and your clients of using this conversation guide to share hearing test results

How would you describe the audiogram? We asked the experts – professionals and people with hearing loss alike – what three words come to mind when they think of it.


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My Hearing Explained

Download this tool to share hearing test results in a person-centered way


Download guidelines for how to use My Hearing Explained

Conversation example

Download a sample conversation of My Hearing Explained being used in an appointment


Additional resources

An article co-authored by a team at Northwestern University and Ida looks at how the audiogram factors into clinical counseling (links to external site)

Ida joined our partners at ASHA to discuss how My Hearing Explained can help hearing care professionals make hearing test results resonate with their clients (links to external site)