Meet our Collaborators

The Change Guide was developed in collaboration with 75 hearing care professionals from around the world who participated in the Ida Seminar series, "Managing Change: Realities and Roadblocks" in the spring of 2012. Their expertise and input helped us understand the challenges and opportunities related to managing change in a busy clinical environment. By working with these professionals during the Managing Change seminar series, we gained a better understanding of the support clinicians need to integrate the Ida tools into their daily practice.

We would also like to thank the professionals below for being part of the seminar faculty or for sharing their successes, failures and lessons learned when integrating the Ida tools.

Adam Beckman

Head of Audiology Services at the Plymouth (UK) Hospitals NHS Trust President of the British Academy of Audiology 2013

Sarah Lewis

Managing Director of Appreciating Change, a consulting company focused on change management and business psychology

Theresa Chisolm

Professor, Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders Department, University of South Florida

Charlotte Rogers

Hearing Therapist Clinical Lead, Nottingham Audiology Services

Berth Danermark

Professor of Sociology at The Swedish Institute for Disability Research, Linköping University and Örebro University.

Naomi Russell

Specialist Audiologist, Nottingham Audiology Services

Louise Hickson

Professor and Head of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Co-Director of the Communication Disability Center at the University of Queensland.

Jerusha Shulberg

Innovation Director and Audiology Training Manager, Cubex