Appointment Tasks

Integration of process

When hearing care professionals meet clients, they are usually expected to complete a number of tasks in a certain chronological order and within a limited amount of time. While these clinical tasks are common to most hearing care professionals, how well they integrate them into the appointment process can vary.

Time and Talk allows you to role-play scenarios involving any of these clinical tasks such as how to greet the client, find out their reason for the appointment, or negotiate an agreed outcome. This helps you practice how to do the tasks in a way that allows you to build a relationship with the client at the same time. 

You may use the Competency Skills List for inspiration on how to integrate the clinical tasks and the process into one seamless experience for the client. 

A list of common clinical tasks

  1. Getting to know the client
  2. Learning about them and what they want from the visit
  3. Agreeing on a plan for the appointment
  4. Finding out the reason for the appointment, case history, impact of hearing, medications/allergies
  5. Equipment calibration/hearing test/otoscopic examination/impression taking/mold fitting/hearing aid programming
  6. Hearing aid orientation
  7. Explain findings of tests, inform client of possible choices, and agree on goals and next steps
  8. Negotiating an agreed outcome