Am I ready?

How do you manage stress?


Do you have a friend or group of friends with whom you feel comfortable discussing events and your shared interests (e.g. sports, movies, politics)?


How will you make decisions about your career?


If you plan to go to college or university, how will you make sure you can follow the classes?


If you cannot hear what somebody is saying, what do you do?


If you would like to ask somebody you haven't spoken to before on a date, what will you do?


When somebody asks you about your hearing aids or cochlear implant, what do you do?


At your job  (student or full-time), what will you do if your co-workers refuse to adjust their communication style so that you can follow conversation?


If you are in a noisy place such as in a bar or at a concert and someone wants to talk to you, what do you do?


I think my next steps should be:


Discuss your answers and notes with your audiologist or someone close to you.