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The Ida Learning Hall is our space for learning about person-centered care. Our courses are built around brief videos, knowledge checks, and exams.

Our courses are accredited by a number of organizations around the world, giving you the opportunity to learn new skills and earn CEU/CPD points when and where it suits you.

All of our courses are free of charge. After completing a course, you will have the option of purchasing a digital badge which can be shared on social media, websites, and resumes to illustrate your new skills. Badges cost $10 USD and are managed through our provider, Credly. Purchasing a badge also gives you access to a certificate of course completion.

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Organizations accrediting Ida Learning Hall courses include:

Courses available

Getting Started with Person-Centered Care

Learn about the elements of person-centered care and see real-world video examples of clients and hearing care providers.

Getting Started with Person-Centered Care for Support Staff

In this course you will learn about what person-centered care is, why it is important in today's hearing healthcare environment and how it relates to your role as a support staff member.

Client Engagement and Ida Motivation Tools

Learn how to get better outcomes and more satisfied clients through client engagement, motivational interviewing, and the Ida Motivation Tools.

Applying PCC in the Appointment

Using the Calgary-Cambridge Guides and the Four Habits as a framework, this course will help you translate person-centered care from theory into practice.

The Six Elements of Person-Centered Care

Learn about the six elements we consider essential to delivering person-centered care in an audiological environment: empathy; active listening; open-ended questions and reflective conversations; shared decision making; involving family and friends; and understanding needs and preferences.

Tele-Audiology: Person-Centered Care from Afar

This course is a comprehensive guide to what tele-audiology is and why it is important to incorporate it into your everyday audiological care.

Living Well: Managing Hearing Loss in Daily Life

Learn how you can provide more effective, tailored treatment plans by identifying your clients' priorities. Discover the benefits of the ICF, using Ida's Living Well tool, and taking a holistic approach to hearing loss.

Tinnitus Management

This course focuses on person-centered communication when dealing with tinnitus patients and demonstrates how to use Ida Tinnitus Tools during treatment.

Child-Centered Care

Children with hearing loss benefit from person-centered care (PCC) as much as adults. But without the specific skills and tools required, many clinicians struggle to deliver PCC in a pediatric setting. This course aims to solve that problem and ensure that children can be active partners in their own hearing care.

You can also earn the Inspired by Ida badge in the Learning Hall by taking two courses and signing a Code of Ethics. Learn more about the Inspired by Ida program here.