Partnering for Great Hearing Care: A guide for people with hearing loss and professionals

Great hearing care is only possible when the person with hearing loss and their hearing care professional trust each other and work together. When this happens, they can build a strong partnership that leads to better outcomes for them both.

But building this partnership is not always easy. Through animated conversations, videos of real-life appointments, and downloadable tips, this interactive tool takes you through the four building blocks of a successful hearing care partnership and offers practical advice for both people with hearing loss and professionals for how to get started.

What are the benefits?

  • Get practical tips on how you can work with your clinician or client to build a great partnership
  • Watch real hearing care partnerships in action
  • Find information about other resources that can help

Perspectives and insights

Why partner with your client or audiologist?

Read about why a client-clinician relationship built on trust, connecting as people, being active partners, and involving family and friends leads to the best outcomes

Gael Hannan is a hearing health advocate with hearing loss. She spoke to us about the importance of partnering with her hearing care professional.

The tool

Partnership guide

Download this practical guide to help you build a great partnership with your client or clinician. The guide includes hands-on tips for building trust, connecting as people, being active partners, and involving family and friends in the hearing journey

Interactive animation

Learn more about some of the benefits of a successful hearing care partnership – and find inspiration through animated clinic conversations, videos of real appointments, and practical downloadable tips

How to use the guide

Get tips on using the animation and PDF if you have hearing loss, if you're a hearing care professional, or if you work in academia 

Additional resources

Resources for people with hearing loss

Use these resources for inspiration on how to live well with hearing loss. If you’re a clinician, consider sharing some of the resources with your clients

Resources for young people with hearing loss

These resources can help children, teens, and tweens prepare for appointments, organize and express their thoughts and concerns, and manage key transitions

Resources for hearing care professionals

If you’re a clinician, these resources can help you make your clients feel welcome and motivated

Online tools for people with hearing loss

Use these tools to prepare for your first hearing care appointment - at the end, you'll be ready to talk about why you are getting your hearing checked and what communication situations you would like to improve

Online courses for hearing care professionals

Learn about person-centered care and how to put it into practice with our free online courses in the Ida Learning Hall

Meet our collaborators

A brief introduction to the people who helped us develop this tool