How to use the guide

The animated resource, Partnering for Great Hearing Care, and accompanying booklet have been designed to be useful for many different groups of people and in many different settings. 

Below, we suggest some of the ways they can be used. Why not let us know how you’re using the guide by completing this survey or getting in touch at 

For people with hearing loss

  • Watch the animated guide and download the booklet before your first or follow-up appointment. Choose one or two tips to try out, and tell your hearing care professional about the guide, if they haven’t already seen it.
  • Print out the booklet and read the tips regularly, so you can keep building your partnership.
  • Share the guide with your friends and family, and with others experiencing hearing loss.

For hearing care professionals

  • Share the link with new clients ahead of a first or follow-up appointment. Where possible, make time in the next appointment to discuss any questions they have about the guide or their partnership with you.
  • Consider sharing the guide with clients who are further into their hearing care journey but are becoming less motivated or engaged. Make time in their next appointment to discuss the guide, the tips, and how these relate to their individual situation. 
  • Have the animation run on a screen in your waiting room.
  • Share information about the guide and a link to it on your clinic website and social media channels.
  • Print the PDF guide and have copies available in your clinic waiting room, or use the pages with practical tips as posters.
  • Include the guide in introductory materials for new clinic staff.

For academia

  • Share the guide with students training to be hearing care professionals and set aside time to discuss the content together.
  • Integrate the guide into your institution’s Audiology curriculum.