Tools in action

National Health Service, Nottingham, UK

The Nottingham UK audiology services team introduced the Ida Motivation Tools into their consultations over the course of three days. They found that the tools provide a valuable framework that taps into client needs and motivations more readily than a standard history.

Watch audiologist Naomi Russell use the tools with a client and reflect on her experience.

Managers' reflections

After each day of using the Motivation Tools, the Nottingham audiology team reflected on their experiences. The group realized that elements of the client history could be replaced with the Ida Motivation Tools without detriment to the client or creating additional time constraints.

Private clinic in London

A private hearing clinic in London has integrated the Ida Motivation Tools into their daily practice. Watch an audiologist at the clinic use the tools with a client and listen to her reflections on the experience. At the film's conclusion, the team discusses how they changed as an organization to incorporate the Ida tools and why the Ida tools are a valuable resource that positively affects outcomes.