Motivation films

I haven't accepted it yet

Claire, Adam, and his mum (UK, 2012)

Stage: Contemplation/Action

Recommended tools: The Line, the Box

Adam is 19 years old and was in the process of joining the Royal Air Force when he had a bicycling accident that caused him to permanently lose his hearing in his left ear. Adam admits that he hasn’t fully accepted his hearing loss, but sees it as something he will have to adjust to. After seeing an ENT, Adam comes to Claire looking for an alternative to a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Adam is ready to take action on his hearing loss and is receptive to Claire’s suggestions. By giving Adam a questionnaire including the Ida Motivation Tools before their appointment, Claire was able to assess Adam’s readiness for a hearing aid, and immediately begin a dialogue with him about his options. Adam, in turn, feels positive about having different options, and is eager to make a decision and move forward to a management stage.

This shouldn't be happening 'til I'm like 57

Jonathan and Ross (USA, 2009)

Stage: Contemplation/Action

Recommended tools: The Line, the Box                                                                          

Ross sustained a hearing loss after years in the army and was referred to his audiologist, Jonathan, through the VA. He is concerned about losing his hearing at such a young age and is ready to take action on it.

Jonathan is very aware of his method of communication with clients and wonders how the information he shares comes across to them. He recognizes that talking about where the hearing loss is in a client’s ears might be more detail than the client necessarily needs or wants. This leads him to reflect on what his training has been, versus what is best for the client, and what they are most likely to absorb.

The Journey

Per and Lene (Denmark, 2014)

Stage: Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, Action, Maintenance, Relapse

Recommended tools: Motivation Tools, Communication Partner Tools, A Patient Journey, Living Well

This story is about Per and Lene’s shared journey into a life with hearing loss. The journey starts, as it often does with hearing loss, years earlier. We join them on the last leg of their journey towards taking action. We meet Per and Lene for the first time in their home on a sunny afternoon in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Over the next two years, we follow them during their visits to the clinic but we are also invited into their home and hearts to share their thoughts, concerns, and feelings about living with hearing loss. We were surprised by how it ended. The film gives a unique insight into Lene’s frustrations and the acceptance of her decisions, and what really matters in her life.

Even though the couple has an almost identical hearing loss, they are not in agreement about its significance. Per is more ambivalent. He expresses his fear when he asks, “When are you handicapped? When you can’t hear or when people can see you have the hearing aids in?” The question is about changed self-perception and the fear of stigmatization and less about fading sounds. And that is what this film is about, too.