Prepare for Your Follow-up Appointments

Once you have tried out your new hearing aids, you will need to get them adjusted. Your audiologist will ask you how they are working and if you feel they help you. You will also talk about other technology or strategies that might make hearing easier for you.

Ida Telecare tools can help you think about what problems you’re having with your hearing aids, other support that might help you hear and communicate better, and questions you want to ask your audiologist. Preparing for the appointment can help you get the most out of your session with the audiologist.

Tools to help you prepare

Living Well (online version)

Think about situations where it is important for you to hear and communicate well, how you can plan to make hearing easier, and the people in your life that can help you

The People I Talk To

List the people you talk to most often and what questions you want to ask in your appointment. This helps your audiologist understand what matters to you

Tinnitus Thermometer

Describe what your tinnitus sounds and feels like so your audiologist can better help you