Managing Hearing Loss at Work

Landing a job, getting along with your colleagues, and succeeding at your work can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Doing it with a hearing loss only complicates things. There are strategies and resources that can prevent a hearing loss from getting in your way.

What are the benefits?


  • Reflect on how hearing loss might be affecting you at work
  • Give practical tips to your colleagues about how to improve your communication
  • Find information about what resources are available in your local area

Perspectives and insights

Some people hide their hearing loss at work, but there are many benefits to telling your employer and colleagues you have a hearing loss.

Nick Tedd owns several hair salons in the UK. He also has hearing loss. Here he explains how he manages his business and keeps clients and employees aware of his communication needs.

The tools

Local organizations have information that is specific to the laws, services, and programs available to people with hearing loss near you.

Download this poster to share with your colleagues in an email, display it at your desk, or ask your manager if you can put it up next to the coffee machine.