Living Well for Teens and Tweens

Living Well for Teens and Tweens uses different photo sets to help you start a conversation about what’s important to your young clients and how they can communicate more easily.

What are the benefits?

  • Open a dialogue and build a relationship with your young clients
  • Identify and understand their priorities and concerns
  • Involve family members to support communication needs
  • Easily recommend appropriate hearing technologies and communication strategies

Perspectives and insights

Dr. Carrie Spangler uses Living Well with Katie, a 12-year-old girl with a bilateral genetic “cookie bite” sensorineural hearing loss. Katie wears hearing aids and uses an FM system at school. 

The tools

Living Well for Teens (online version)

Send the online version of Living Well to your teenaged clients before their appointments to help them come prepared to discuss their priorities, hopes, and concerns.

Living Well for Teens

Download the Living Well for Teens tool and start a conversation with your teen clients using a photo pack of scenarios that reflect their priorities.

Living Well for Tweens (online version)

Have your pre-teen clients fill out Living Well Online with a parent or guardian before their appointments. This tool will help them identify their questions, challenges, and goals.

Living Well for Tweens

Start a conversation with your tween clients using this photo pack. The photos are specifically for those who aren’t yet teenagers but have out grown pediatric materials.

Additional resources

Documentation forms

Download a PDF of extra documentation forms to record your Living Well sessions.

Purchase Living Well

Email us at if you would like to purchase a physical copy of Living Well. Please specify that you would like the Teens and Tweens pack and we will print and include the additional photos.