Living Well with Hearing Loss

Living Well is a counseling tool that uses photos of common situations to help your clients identify when and where it’s most important for them to communicate well. Understanding these priorities can help you recommend the best hearing technologies and communication strategies for each client.

What are the benefits?

  • Identify and understand your clients’ priorities
  • Personalize and focus treatment plans to improve outcomes
  • Easily recommend appropriate hearing technologies and communication strategies
  • Involve family members to support communication needs

Perspectives and insights

Ethnographic videos

Watch videos with people with hearing loss explaining what strategies they use to manage their communication in everyday life.

The value of using photos

Read more about how using photos in appointments can help people with hearing loss share their experiences, challenges, and goals.


The tool

Living Well (online version)

Send the online version of Living Well to your clients before their appointments to help them come prepared to discuss their priorities, hopes, and concerns.

Living Well

Download a PDF version of Living Well, including the instructions, board, photo pack, strategy cards, importance markers, and documentation forms.

Documentation form

Download a PDF of extra documentation forms to record your Living Well sessions.

Purchase Living Well

Email us at if you would like to buy a physical copy of Living Well.

Living Well Quick Tool

Use these photo sheets on their own as a conversation starter. Clients can also look at the photos in the waiting room to begin thinking about which communication situations they would like to improve.


Additional resources

The physical tool in action

See video examples of Living Well being used in audiology clinics.

The online tool in action

See real appointments where clients have filled out the online tool beforehand.

Living Well with Hearing Loss Seminar

The Living Well tool is a product of our seminar series. Read more about the seminar and watch lectures that informed the tool’s development.

Recommended reading

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