Communication Partners

Our Communication Partners tools help you identify the people that it’s most important for your client to communicate with and involve them in the rehabilitation process. 

What are the benefits?

  • Help your client communicate with the people that matter the most
  • Involve your client's key communication partner in the rehabilitation process
  • Structure the discussion and set attainable goals together
  • Get better outcomes through family involvement

Perspectives and insights

Ida Institute

Communication partner videos

Explore our videos for real-life examples of how hearing loss affects couples and families

The tools

Communication Rings

Use this tool with your client to identify who is most important for them to communicate with and consider how hearing loss might impact their relationship with them.

The People I Talk To

Send this tool to your clients before their appointment to prompt them to think about who their key communication partners are and what questions to ask.

Goal Sharing for Partners

Involve your client's key communication partner in the session to set goals and create a strategy together.

The Partner Journey

Start a discussion with your client and their communication partner about the impact hearing loss may have had on the relationship.

Additional resources

Communication Partnerships Seminar

The Communication Partner tools are a product of our seminar series on the role of communication partners in hearing care. Read more about the seminar and watch lectures that informed the tools' development.

Recommended reading

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