A Patient Journey

A Patient Journey maps the typical stages a person goes through from before they recognize their hearing loss until they learn to manage it. It gives students and clinicians a better understanding of their clients’ experiences and their path to rehabilitation.

What are the benefits?

  • Get a holistic understanding of the hearing loss experience
  • Learn to counsel based on a client’s specific stage in their journey
  • Use as a teaching aid or for assignments

Perspectives and insights

Understanding A Patient Journey

Read about the models, methods, and philosophies that shaped the tool

Stages of the rehabilitation journey

Understand the stages people with hearing loss typically go through on the path to rehabilitation

Using A Patient Journey

Learn how educators, students, and clinicians can use the tool

The tool

A Patient Journey

Download a PDF of A Patient Journey

Additional resources

The Defining Hearing seminar

Watch lectures and access downloads from the seminar series, the Process of Defining Hearing, which A Patient Journey is an outcome of 

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