Ideas for Individuals

Whether you have minutes, hours, or days to contribute, there is an idea here for you!
Browse through the ideas pool and find inspiration on how you can make a difference and raise awareness of hearing loss.
Start small, but think big. Organizing events in your community can kick off a global movement to raise awareness of hearing loss.

Awareness in Minutes

Children's Books
Movies and TV
Support Pins
Silent Places Blog
Newspaper Article
Video Stories

Awareness in Hours

Educate Teachers
School Art Contest
Appreciation Workshops
Speak at School
Ears on Wheels
Walk for Hearing
Family Picnics
Celebrate Hearing Day
Online Community
Coffee To Go!
Digital Storytelling
Hearing Cafe
Holiday Action Campaign
Fitness Centers
Ear Plugs Demo

Awareness in Days

Write A Book
Visualize Hearing
Theater Production
Online Game