Hearing care for all

About World Hearing Day

An estimated 430 million people currently experience moderate or severe hearing loss worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). That number could reach 700 million by 2050. Hearing care is a public health issue that deserves priority status.

Every year, the WHO celebrates World Hearing Day to raise awareness about hearing loss and prevention. This includes organizing activities and materials around a particular theme, and sharing these materials to help boost hearing loss in the public consciousness. The theme in 2022 is Safe Listening: "To hear for life, listen with care."

Visit the WHO's World Hearing Day 2022 site.

See the first ever World Report on Hearing, published on World Hearing Day 2021.

Read our interview with Shelly Chadha, Medical Director at WHO and one of the authors of the World Report on Hearing.

World Hearing Day 2021

Calling all changemakers

Call still open! The World Hearing Forum is seeking personal stories about hearing loss to inspire others to make a better world.


Additional resources

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Ideas Worth Hearing

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