Celebrate Hearing

To celebrate World Hearing Day, Ida launched a campaign designed to raise awareness of hearing loss and encourage people to take action on their hearing loss. The campaign invites people to test their hearing in just two minutes – or to invite someone they know to take the test. 

See the campaign and test your own hearing here:

Hearing Test

Test Your Hearing in Two Minutes

Test your hearing in two minutes with this online hearing test.

Campaign Videos

Ida World Hearing Day Campaign

View our campaign videos here.

About World Hearing Day

With an estimated 360 million people living with disabling hearing loss, and an average of seven years before someone takes action on their hearing loss, hearing care is a public health issue that deserves priority status.

Each year, the WHO celebrates World Hearing Day to raise awareness about hearing loss and prevention. This includes organizing activities and materials around a particular theme, and sharing these materials to help boost hearing loss in the public consciousness.

Visit the WHO's World Hearing Day site.


Additional Resources

WHA Resolution

Towards a Resolution on Hearing Loss

In May, the World Health Assembly will discuss a resolution on hearing health for the first time in 20 years.


Ideas Worth Hearing

Start your own awareness-raising campaign with one of these suggestions from our community.