Inspired by Ida

A benchmark of quality for person-centered care

The Inspired by Ida label is a benchmark of quality that demonstrates practitioners’ and clinics’ dedication to high-quality person-centered care. To become Inspired, clinicians complete two online courses in person-centered methods and sign a code of ethics underscoring their commitment to PCC.

What are the benefits?

Hearing care professionals can:

  • learn practical PCC skills quickly and easily
  • earn CEUs
  • share the Inspired by Ida badge on their social media, on their resumés, and in their email signatures to show their dedication to PCC


People with hearing loss can find clinics:

  • whose staff have taken courses in person-centered methods
  • that have signed a code of ethics confirming their commitment to person-centered care 

Perspectives and insights

Clinic owner Darcy Benson details how Inspired by Ida has helped her practice differentiate themselves in their community.

"Plenty of nuggets to choose from"

Ben Mann, clinic owner in Essex, UK, explains why he was motivated to get Click Hearing inspired - and how other clinics can get the best from the program too

California Hearing Center on what it means to be Inspired

What does it mean to be Inspired in an everyday audiology practice? We checked in with the California Hearing Center to learn how the program has impacted their practice and look at some real-life examples

Improving job satisfaction through person-centered care

Learn from Inspired by Ida members how person-centered care has helped them avoid professional fatigue and improve their job satisfaction

Talking less, listening more

Carol Clifford, Director of Audiology at Albuquerque Hearing & Balance, explains how the Inspired program has helped her staff meet each patient where they are on their journey


The Inspired by Ida program

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