Write a Book

Let your creative spirit flow and put pen to paper to share your experience living with hearing loss!

Idea at a glance

Many people have family members or friends with hearing loss. Despite this fact, many do not truly understand what it means to live with a hearing loss day in and day out.

Writing a book about hearing loss could serve to completely transform people's understanding of hearing loss. It would provide individuals with a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a person living with hearing loss.

The book could be a novel or a play, where one of the main characters has a hearing loss. Alternatively, the book could be a memoir, written by a person with hearing loss.


Katherine Bouton, a former editor at the New York Times, recently wrote a book about hearing loss, drawing upon her first-hand experience with mid-life hearing loss. She began to lose her hearing in her early 30’s, and her hearing loss gradually grew worse. While she has used many types of hearing aids and received a cochlear implant, she has come to the realization that she will never be able to hear well again.

There are thousands of unwritten stories waiting to be written down on paper. Each person’s journey with hearing loss is different. Samantha Brownlie was diagnosed with a hearing loss when she was three years old. At just eight years old, she wrote a book about her hearing loss to encourage children and adults to wear hearing aids.

Potential impact

Reading a book about hearing loss could change a person’s attitude towards the issue. This could encourage people to help family members or friends that may have a hearing loss.

The book could encourage people with hearing loss to take concrete action to improve their lives. Reading about how others have dealt with similar challenges and issues could increase one’s motivation and strength to get help and carry on.