Support Pins/Wristbands

Create or purchase pins and wristbands so people can show their support for hearing.

Idea at a glance

Humans are very social beings and we like to show our support for others. Think of all the "like" buttons on the web, bumper stickers, and support ribbons.

Many charities use objects and stickers to allow people to proudly display their awareness and support of an issue.

Take this concept and use it to spread awareness about hearing loss!

Create or purchase an object that people can wear and display to show their support for hearing loss as an important health issue. Whatever the object is, it should be eye-catching and large enough to be a good conversation starter. You can then share this object with families and friends, creating a grassroots movement to show support for hearing impaired persons and good communication strategies.


Audiologist Noël Crosby took the initiative to design and market her own brand of cochlea shaped jewelry with the intention of promoting hearing loss awareness and treatment. You can view and purchase her jewelry by visiting her website.

The people at Movember use a simple and eye-catching symbol of masculinity, the mustache, to raise funds and awareness about men´s health issues. They have garnered much attention for their novel approach - asking men around the world to grow mustaches for the month of November to get people talking about men’s health.

Potential impact

Creating a physical object to be worn and presented can help spark thousands of conversations about hearing health and hearing loss. 

It can also serve as a visual reminder to people to use good communication practices at all times. With the pin or bracelet, a hearing impaired person may not have to continually interrupt discussion to remind people to face forward and speak slowly. 

Hearing impaired persons could also adopt the physical object as the first step to accepting and acknowledging their own unique hearing loss.