Visualize Hearing

Organize an art exhibition where artists portray hearing loss through art!

Idea at a glance

Do you have a passion for visual art and the desire to increase awareness of hearing loss around the world? Organize an art exhibition of visual media that comments on the experience of hearing and hearing loss.

The art exhibit could visualize hearing loss through pixelation. Selectively removing pixels from images and videos could create a compelling piece of art work. The distortion of visual information is analogous to the auditory experience of those with hearing loss. This would give the viewer an idea of "how hearing looks."

Removing pixels from a video could bring to light the social challenges associated with hearing loss. If frames are removed from an animation, the viewer would struggle to comprehend the overall meaning of the story. One would need to "fill in the blanks" and piece together the visual information they received. 

The visual nature of the art collection would be perfect material for an attention-grabbing website. The website could display the art and provide information on hearing loss.


Mexican painter Frida Kahlo suffered serious injuries as a result of a traffic accident during her youth. For the remainder of her life, she had relapses of intense pain. Through a series of self-portraits, Kahlo portrayed the persistent pain and isolation she endured during her life.

Her powerful art can serve as an inspiration for others who are looking to communicate personal experiences. 

Potential impact

Hearing and hearing loss can serve as an inspiration for thousands of artists around the world. 

Transforming hearing loss into a provocative visual language will help open people's minds about the issue and entice them to learn more.