Holiday Action Campaign

Get in the holiday spirit and spread the word about hearing loss!

Idea at a glance

Many organizations conduct drinking and driving prevention campaigns during the winter, when people tend to attend holiday parties.

Why not combine a “leave your keys at home” driving campaign with a hearing loss campaign?

The campaign would encourage hearing impaired persons to see an audiologist and get their hearing tested before going to holiday parities. People with hearing aids would be encouraged to remember to use them at the parties. People without a hearing loss could be reminded to consider the hearing impaired and use good communication techniques.   

You could kick off the campaign by talking to colleagues and your family during the holiday season. The movement could grow by partnering with local organizations and your employer, developing a blog, and printing brochures to local businesses.


Julie Flygare is a published author, blogger, and runner who was diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy in 2007. She collaborated with Harvard Medical School researchers in 2009 to create an educational program on narcolepsy based on her story to familiarize doctors with the condition. On her website, Julie presents tips on how to raise awareness of narcolepsy at holiday parties.

Potential impact

Holiday parties are a great opportunity to bring up the topic of hearing loss with friends and work colleagues. 

The opportunity to reconnect with friends and family over the holidays could potentially motivate hearing impaired persons to take action on their hearing loss. In addition, the campaign could help people with normal hearing to appreciate the challenges hearing impaired persons may have at social gatherings with high levels of background noise.