Online Video Stories

Share inspirational stories with people from around the world!

Idea at a glance

Enable hearing impaired persons to inspire others to overcome challenges and take action. Launch a series of online videos about hearing loss to provide millions with a unique peek into what it means to live with hearing loss.

In the videos, individuals could tell their personal stories about how they realized they had a hearing loss and what led them to take action and use hearing aids. Other videos could depict life situations where using a hearing aid or employing good communication strategies could make a positive difference.

After watching the videos, people could be directed to websites with helpful information about hearing health and treatment options.


Charisse is a teenager from the United States who has created a YouTube video about her life journey with cerebral palsy and ataxia. In her own voice, she talks about her daily challenges and the kindness of friends and family, which has helped her cope with loneliness and depression.

Charisse also maintains a Facebook page where she shares videos about her life to provide hope to others who are going through similar journeys.

Potential impact

Online videos are a quick and easy way to share personal stories and raise awareness of hearing loss. They can personalize a story in a way that is emotionally charging, compelling viewers to to take action and do something.

By harnessing the power of social networks and online communities, online videos can motivate people from around the world to step up and advocate for their own needs.