Share Children's Books

Transform how future generations think about hearing loss.

Idea at a glance

Reading books to children about hearing loss could help change social norms and shift society's attitudes about hearing loss and hearing instruments.

You can start by sharing children's books about hearing loss in your community. You could give the books to friends, family, schools, libraries, and health clinics. You can also request that your local library and schools purchase children's books and add them to their summer reading lists. 

Feeling extra creative? You can put pen to paper and write your own children's book about hearing loss. 


A Button in Her Ear by Ada Bassett Litchfield is a classic children's book about how a little girl becomes aware of her hearing deficiency and starts using a hearing aid. 

There are lots of more recent books too. Take a look at this list for suggestions suitable for children from age four up to teenagers.

Potential impact

A children’s story about hearing loss would expose children to a condition that they have yet to discuss with their parents. The concepts of hearing health and hearing aids would all be introduced to the home, possibly finding its way into family conversations.