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Inspired by Ida

The program consists of two courses:

  • Getting Started with Person-Centered Care: Learn about the elements of person-centered care and see real-world video examples of clients and hearing care providers
  • Client Engagement and Ida Motivation Tools: Learn how to get better outcomes and more satisfied clients through client engagement, motivational interviewing, and the Ida Motivation Tools

Inspired by Ida for Support Staff

The program consists of one course:

  • Getting Started with Person-Centered Care for Support Staff: In this course you will learn about what person-centered care is, why it is important in today's hearing healthcare environment and how it relates to your role as a support staff member

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Level 1: Fundamentals of Person-Centered Care (30-minute courses)

Active Listening: Learn why active listening is an important element of person-centered care.

Conversations Based on Open-Ended Questions: Discover why open-ended, reflective conversations are a vital component of person-centered care.

Empathy: Dive into the topic of empathy — a vital element of person-centered care.

Involvement of Family and Friends: Discover why involving family and friends is an important element of person-centered care.

Shared Decision-Making: Explore shared decision-making, a crucial element of person-centered care.

Understanding Indvidual Preferences and Needs: Learn why understanding individual preferences and needs is an essential part of person-centered care.

Level 2: Implementing Person-Centered Care in Hearing Care Services

Applying PCC in the Appointment: Learn to translate person-centered care from theory into practice using the Calgary-Cambridge Guides and the Four Habits.

Living Well: Managing Hearing Loss in Daily Life: Use the Living Well tool to engage your clients in a structured way, set goals that improve daily life, and understand your client’s unique needs and preferences.

Tele-Audiology: Person-Centered Care from Afar: Discover what tele-audiology is and why it is essential to a person-centered practice.

Level 3: Specialist Courses

Child-Centered Care: This course provides clinicians with skills and tools to deliver PCC in a pediatric setting. You will learn to help children be active partners in their hearing care.

Tinnitus Management: This course focuses on person-centered communication when dealing with tinnitus patients and demonstrates how to use Ida Tinnitus Tools during treatment.

Level 4: Staffing and Training

Clinician Well-being: The Science of Self-care: Learn why clinicians are at risk of professional fatigue and how to identify the warning signs of it and develop strategies for mitigating it.

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