Patient insight films

Reflections on person-centered care

Bridgette (UK, 2017)

Audiologist Bridgette discusses why it is important to her to take a person-centered approach when treating her clients.

I'm a person, not just a number

Adrienne (UK, 2017)

Adrienne shares her story about losing her hearing in her late 40s, the difficulties she encountered at work, and her decision to get a cochlear implant.

I don't want them to know how bad it is

Fay (UK, 2017)

Fay's hearing was affected after she suffered a head injury. She talks about how counseling in addition to assistive technology has helped her cope with the sudden change in her circumstances.

Hearing is beautiful

Luke (UK, 2017)

Luke began to lose his hearing at age two following a virus. Together with his mother, he discusses how a person-centered approach helped him arrive at appropriate technology and strategies.