About us

The Ida Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization working to build a global community that embraces person-centered hearing care. 

We believe that people with hearing loss should be at the center of hearing care. We believe that their unique needs, values, and preferences should be taken into account and that they should make decisions about treatment and strategies jointly with their hearing care professional. We also believe they should be informed and empowered to manage their condition in daily life. 

Together with our global network of clinicians, academics, people with hearing loss, and partner organizations, we create free, practical tools and resources to educate current and future hearing care professionals in the person-centered approach and enable them to implement it, as well as resources to inform and empower people with hearing loss.

The institute was founded in 2007 with a grant from the William Demant Foundation, which continues to fund the organization until 2023. Although based in Denmark, the organization has always worked globally.

The Ida Institute is staffed by a small, interdisciplinary, international team that includes audiologists alongside experts in innovation, learning, anthropology, business, and communications. 

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